Coming first mini comic!

Since last fall, I've been working with Matt Silady to write and illustrate my first mini graphic novel! I'm excited to announce that the first book, titled simply "Jeff and Emily" is now for sale through Blurb.

Book description: 
"The first book in a soon-to-be series about a dynamic duo. Humorous, heartwarming, and heartbreakingly relatable for anyone who has ever struggled with an “imaginary friend”..."


Psychogeography: map sketches

After exploring a larger part of the city, I created a personal psychogeography of the area around CCA's campus. The map highlights areas of entrance and exit (largely dictated by the infrastructure of the city's public transit system), emotionally charged locations, the boundaries of the known. As a young woman, navigating a city alone can pose its own set of challenges- there are areas that feel "safe" and areas that are deliberately avoided or traversed with caution. What about these places makes me feel like I can't go there? How can we make our cities feel safe for everyone? 

Debranding and Post-Identity Design Exhibition

Post-Identity Design

This exhibition showcases work from the 2016 MFA Graphic Design Topic Studio Debranding and Post-Identity Design. Students investigated the changing landscape where visual identity operates as developments in technology blur distinctions between private and public entities and drive complex shifts in notions of agency and power. The course aimed to pose alternatives, within and beyond graphic design, to the capital-oriented purposes of branding and the absolutist logic of design itself.

The exhibition takes into account the inherent limitations of designing a show before it happens and works to enable post-production as a means for reflection and reconfiguration — creating scenarios that favor photographic representation over “real-life” experience. Throughout the run of the show the class will use the space as a workshop area and develop strategies to enable the editing of documentation through digital mediums.


Subversive Guidelines focuses on contemporary identities for cultural institutions. The project highlights the limitations of identity design even within progressive approaches.

New Territories focuses on the relationship between digital and physical spaces. Using identity design as a means of investigation, students reconsidered traditional ideas of borders and governance.

Post-Truth Machines focuses on the fabrication and manipulation of reality through visual language. Each symbol on display was created and distributed through automated means in order to validate fictions and challenge misinformation.

Works By: Beizi Zhang, Chuofan Zheng, Emily Scheffler-Jones, Erin Reagan, Lai Xu, Louisa Savage, Sarah Weitzman, Tianfu Liu, Wenbin Li, Wenqiao Deng, and Yanhongrui Zhuang


Heat, Speed, and Prose: A Collaboration

As a part of the "10 Second Works" exhibition at San Francisco Art Institute, Emily collaborated with artist and writer Hailey Scheffler to create a series of artworks produced in ten seconds or less. The resulting images and texts were an experiemental exploration in control, chaos, and composition. 

Dream Machines

What happens when we dream? How might we explore, test,  and harness our unconscious? In 2016, Emily participated in a workshop led by designer Federico Pérez Villoro in which she prototyped a speculative machine titled the "Passive Presence Manifestation Device," investigating the nature of internet-facilitated friendships that cross time zones. The creation of the machine was inspired by a dream in which she is passively watching Netflix with a friend and aims to explore what friendship, presence, and bonds mean in the age of the internet. The following video and flyer document her dream and her experience of coexisting with her machine for 24 hours. 

Dead as a Doornail

How would you design your death? Everyday, designers are challenged to create new solutions...even uncomfortable ones. Emily's research into designing for death led her to design a humourous manual for her loved ones for dealing with her swiftly rotting corpse. In the video below, Emily presents her manual as a part of the Re:Imagine End of Life event at California College of the Arts. 



Experiments in Type: Breaking the Machine

Unlucky disaster or happy accident? This experimental poster series for a lecture by Federico Pérez Villoro takes advantages of the abilities and limitations of laser printing.